Via Soffredini 75 in Milan


The adaptive apartment: a reconfigurable perimeter of a micro-community that evolves over time

The domestic space today is comparable to a micro-community that is no longer necessarily identified only by the nuclear family. From the single person, to the couple, to the family with children, to senior couples or assisted seniors, the domestic space must expand, reduce, reconfigure, include a “augmented family” and be in constant evolution.

Just a 5-minute walk from the Villa San Giovanni subway station in Milan, the Via Soffredini 75 project represents the prototype of the adaptive home. On a seven-story building with sixteen apartments, the living space is composed of an internal living room – kitchen and living room – a guest bathroom, a large habitable terrace, and a comfortable bedroom with a master bathroom and amenities.

No more moving!

The adaptive apartment exceeds the rigidity of fixed apartment cuts (two-room, three-room, four-room, etc.), allowing the family to not be forced to move when an increase in living space is needed.



Area Casa

Is the identifying space of the family nucleus: a living area to live, eat together and also live outside in a large terrace along with a double, large and comfortable bedroom.

Area Pod

An additional night area completely rethought as the aggregation of two PODs (Domestic Station) aggregable to the house space but also accessible independently.

Technology at the service of customization and environmental impact awareness

The new housing idea proposed by is not only avant-garde from the point of view of rethinking the domestic perimeter in the proximity perspective, but also from the point of view of energy and social sustainability.

Through a configurator, residents will be able to customize their adaptive apartment to change the material or color of fixed elements, choosing from the styles of different pre-configured packages (modern, classic, industrial, etc.).

An app called “Live Sharing” will also allow users to control their consumption in real-time in order to improve continuously, as well as pay subscriptions for spaces and services.